The Unfortunate Death of Lady Katherine Grey

So many secret marriages during this period despite the inevitable consequences for defying the queen. The Seymours had risen to great heights of influence at court and wanted to ensure they remained the power behind the throne, if not the person sitting on it. This undoubtedly played a part in Elizabeth’s reaction to this marriage but she probably would have had a problem with many potential suitors for Lady Katherine too as she was so close to the succession. Marrying for love wasn’t an option for Elizabeth and she could be harsh in her treatment of other women who indulged their passions – she never forgave Lettice Knollys for marrying Dudley. The stakes were extremely high for all concerned.

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I have just read the most heartbreaking description of the death of Lady Katherine Grey. She was the sister of Lady Jane Grey, the “Nine Days Queen” and a descendant of Mary Tudor, sister of King Henry VIII. Katherine’s death at the age of twenty-seven was most unfortunate.

What makes her story so sad? In many ways, her life mirrors that of her cousin Arbella Stuart who was born six years after Katherine’s death. Arbella was a descendant of Margaret Tudor, eldest sister of King Henry VIII. Both women were potential heirs to Queen Elizabeth I. Both women married Seymour men without the permission of the Queen. Both women were imprisoned for their foolish behavior and both died probably of starvation in captivity. The only difference was Katherine had two children while Arbella had none.

In Tudor times, being a potential successor to the monarch was…

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