I began this blog as a means of getting down my thoughts on a variety of historical topics in order to organise my arguments and have a ‘journal’ to refer to later on. I enjoy posting on social media and like to debate with other interested people and share ideas. I have deliberately kept my blog posts as conversational as possible and not tried to adopt too academic an approach as I want to write quickly and express my feelings and emotional responses as well as noting down factual content and researching the topic.

I try to be open and responsive about what I am writing about and hope that readers will take them in the spirit they are intended and appreciate that they are personal opinions and liable to shift about during the writing process. I like to ‘muse’ on ideas and let them develop naturally where possible but hopefully without cluttering the flow of the blog too much.

Occasionally I will write a more jokey, satirical blog about current events in the historical community and these are intended to be light-hearted and should not be taken as anything more than an ‘aside’ to the reader. If these don’t appeal then scroll on by!

I look forward to hearing your responses and debating further with you and hope to follow other bloggers as well and enjoy the experience.



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