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Trevor Price at Iona House Gallery

April 25, 2021
Gentle woodland study by Trevor Price at Iona House Gallery

Spring Exhibition 2021

Trevor Price is exhibiting a new collection of intricately detailed handmade and hand printed drypoint and engraved relief prints as well as exquisite watercolour studies of the natural world. The extra-ordinary detailed and painstaking nature of his creative process, which focuses attention on line and form, allows the viewer to stop and draw breath as they take in the mark making and abstraction within these compositions and then step back and see the landscapes form in almost photographic detail. Trevor uses a polycarbonate 2mm sheet which he carves and scrapes into with a drypoint needle and dremmel to create the web of marks and incisions that form the image plate. He then inks the plate and sends it through an etching press with damp paper to produce the print.

Monochrome study of trees and woodland foliage by Trevor Price at Iona House Gallery

The process is both time consuming and unforgiving should a mistake occur. It speaks of patience and meticulous attention to detail and an investment of time and creative energy. It is a slow, meditative process of creation that changes your breathing patterns and requires an inner stillness and relationship with the medium and the subject matter, plus a keen eye for observation as fingers interpret what the eye sees and balance light, form and pattern to create a harmonious composition.Like so many of us during the last year, Trevor is drawn to nature and quiet spaces and takes inspiration from natural forms and patterns; whether that be the dappled light falling on tree trunks and the floor of a beech wood or shifting currents and glinting light on moving water as the storm waves rush to shore.

Dramatic wave study by Trevor Price at Iona House Gallery

The monochromatic colouration of the works suggest a sense of nostalgia, like sepia photographs which capture a moment in time; a deep connection with the rhythms of the Earth and ever-changing seasons and our desire to be still in the moment and experience it before it is lost to us forever.