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Thoughts flexible working and the connection to training and leadership

September 5, 2018

Couldn’t agree more as a working mother with aspirations to be treated equally with men but frustrated by the lockdown in opportunity due to limited and over priced childcare, inflexible training options and assumptions that I will be content to bump along without hope of progression due to my gender.


Unequal pay, low pay, low diversity, a female dominated workforce – I believe these issues are all connected, and that one way to address this is through access not only to flexible working it is also through equal access to training and development, applying the principles of flexible working to open up leadership and governance opportunities.

I am the typical middle-age, middle class, well-educated, white woman now dominating the middle tier of the sector.  For me the lack of flexible working practices is limiting; I see a key challenge for our sector in how to push forward with equal access to leadership and career development across the board.  Working in museums can often feel like a glass cabinet,  but none of us exist in isolation, all the fears, responsibilities and pressures that affect our daily lives can feel magnified when we try to push ourselves to open the doors, rise…

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